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Special Needs Update

This past weekend some of the Espere team was able to load up on three motorcycles and head out to visit some of the families in the Special Needs Program.

Special Needs Program Haiti Cerebral Palsy

We hopped on our moto's and took off at 9:30. After two long hours navigating the crazy Haiti traffic we finally arrived at sweet little Mile's home. Mile (My-lee) is 3 years old and full of sass and laughs. It is difficult to diagnose exact disabilities in Haiti, but we believe she may have a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. Her movements are jerky and she can't control her body well. She is also small for 3 years old, and she can't speak yet. She lives in a 2 bedroom home with her mother, grandma, and 5 other kiddos. It's a tight squeeze for the family, but love is still overflowing from their hearts and home.

Mile is head over heels in love with her mom who is her main caregiver. You can see the time, energy, and love that mom pours into making sure Mile is cared for to the best of her ability. Mile is currently in need of a new chair and/or wheelchair since she is growing quickly and is now too tall for her current chair. The Espere team is researching what option and type of equipment would be best suited to meet her needs. Mile also needs a monthly sponsor to help ensure she receives physical therapy and adequate nutrition.

Special Needs Espere Haiti Cerebral Palsy

We left Mile's and began a crazy moto journey through mud and what seemed more like ponds than puddles of rain water. About an hour of splashing and sliding our way though the back roads we arrived at Beddly's house. Beddly and his twin sister were the first family to join our special needs program. Beddly is now 13 years old, and has a huge personality! His big smile spread across his face as soon as he was brought out to the porch to join us. His family is so loving and caring and tries to include him in all activities. The main problem right now is that Beddly has grown so much that he is basically as big as his mom. This

is actually a great problem to have, but mom is struggling carrying him around now. Espere had a chair made for him 3 years ago and with this big growth spurt is just isn't working for him any longer. The Espere team is again working to see what will work best for him and his family.

Thank you all so much for being invested in the lives of these super special kiddos and families. Their lives are better because of your love and care. If you would like more information on how to sponsor a family in the Special Needs Program please contact us at

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