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Crisis Recovery Home

Haiti's first mental health crisis center opened in 2018. Here we provide up to 72 hours of mental health crisis counseling and stabilization care. Adults who are having suicidal thoughts or other acute mental health issues are welcomed into our home to receive high-quality care in a safe, peaceful environment. Intensive outpatient programs are also available to those that are released from the recovery home to receive additional tools and strategies to help them transition back into their home communities. Family members also participate in this process so they can receive education and training about mental health and how best to support their loved one.

Make a Difference Today!

This page is filled with items we need to provide the best care for all those we serve.

Each client receives healthy meals, a comfortable room, and access to medical and psychiatric care in a welcoming, therapeutic environment. 


We rely on people like you to make this possible. Below are current needs to keep our recovery home running.

All you have to do is order the items you wish to donate, and we will take care of the rest.

Your gift not only gives to Espere, but also supports the local economy as we purchase these products here in Haiti*. (And don't forget your gift amount is also tax-deductible.)

*The actual product may differ than the one in the picture due to what is available in the country at the time of the purchase.

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