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Counselingand Outreach 


At Espere our clinical team offers a wide range of counseling services to address different mental health and community outreach needs. Our clients can participate in individual or group counseling services in either office or community-based settings including homes, schools, medical clinics, churches, and orphanages. These services can be offered in Creole, English, or French .  Call us for information regarding fees and scheduling.

Individual Counseling

Our experienced counselors offer a confidential, supportive environment for children and adults ages 3 and older.


Group Counseling

Each group generally runs for 8 weeks, and can be catered to match the needs of a particular age group. Groups are offered at our office or a location convenient to you.


Types of Groups:

  • Finding Strength Following Trauma - group members will learn how trauma can affect their physical and mental health and gain support from other survivors of abuse, disasters, and other sources of trauma.

  • Relaxation and Stress Management Group - Meet together each week to learn ways to manage the stress in your life and relax.

  • Strengthening Relationships Group - This group will focus on strategies that you can use to improve relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners.  Get support from other                            members as we learn together how to have   stronger personal relationships.

  • Grief and Loss Support Group - members will be able to process their own grief and loss experience in a supportive environment while learning how grief can impact many aspects of life. Each member will learn coping skills to manage the challenges they face from their grief experiences.

  • "Foreigners in Haiti" Support Group - This group is designed to allow members of the expat community to meet together each week and discuss the successes, challenges, joys, and unique stresses of living and working in Haiti.


Hospital Outreach Programs

The link between physical and mental health is inseparable. Symptoms of mental health problems often involve unexplained physical health complaints including headaches, muscle pain, and digestive problems. Research also indicates that mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety can develop during a hospital stay, increasing healthcare costs and time the patient remains in the hospital. (WHO, 2013; Prina, 2012; Fulop, 1990)

ESPERE’s team of psychologists and mental health workers can provide mental health services in order to decrease hospital costs and improve patient comprehensive care and recovery. We offer patient care services including psychoeducation and counseling in both individual and group settings in addition to support for family members and care givers. We also give training workshops to medical professionals on addressing mental health needs in a comprehensive care approach.


Teen Empowerment Outreach Groups

Adolescents today are faced with a variety of challenges as they learn to navigate relationships with family an peers while transitioning into adult roles and responsibilities. Past trauma and current hardships can exacerbate these challenges. Our mental health workers provide a psychoeducational program focusing on emotional intelligence and coping skills so they can have tools to manage stress, increase self-esteem, improve relationships, and gain confidence to prepare for the future.


School Intervention

Espere offers both individual and group support for children and teens in a school setting. Trauma and other mental health problems can greatly impact a child’s ability to succeed in school including difficulty concentrating, behavioral problems, and changes in school performance. Our team members can teach emotional intelligence and regulation skills as well as other therapeutic techniques to help the child feel successful in school.


Orphanage Intervention

Our Espere team can provide support for children living in orphanages or group homes who are showing signs of mental health problems often related to trauma history, adjustment, and attachment issues. We offer either office-based or in-home individual and group counseling to provide psychoeducation and counseling to strengthen the child’s mental health. We also offer trainings to orphanage staff on how to support children’s mental health at home.


Special Needs Outreach Programs

Our mental health workers work with children with special needs and their families in the community. Special needs includes: Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, learning disabilities and more general developmental disorders. The program provides advocacy services and works with local organizations to support the child’s physical development. Through psycho-education families are educated on what disability their child has and they are supported by counselors to manage the challenges they face in raising a child with special needs.

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