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Mental Health
and Acceptance
for All.

What We Do

Care for the Hidden Wounds

Colorful Half Circle

Children and adults in the countries we serve are exposed to trauma, including natural and political disasters, violent crime, sexual assault, and family separation due to child slavery, human trafficking, relinquishment as "poverty orphans", abuse, and neglect.


Rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, and other mental health issues continue to rise, yet 

stigma, shame, and misunderstanding keeps people suffering in silence.

We strive to increase awareness and access to mental health services so people learn

there is a name for their pain, they are not alone, and they can feel better.

Where We Serve


Current Projects:


  • Crisis Response/Psychological First Aid for Trauma Survivors

  • Individual Counseling

  • Youth Empowerment Group

  • Parenting Groups

  • Trauma Support Groups

  • Staff Care Support Groups

  • Mental Health Trainings

  • Mental Health Awareness Media Campaigns

  • Haiti Family Care Network Leadership Council

Current Projects:


  • Trauma-Informed Care Training for Orphanage Staff

  • Staff Care Support Groups

  • Mental Health Professional Collaboration Groups


  • Mental Health Professional Development Trainings

  • Disaster Mental Health Response Team

Global Initiatives:

Support global mental health today.

Change a life forever.

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