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Espere currently provides support for five families that make up six children with special needs. Just $50 a month supports the specific needs of a parent who provides healthy food and all their child’s medications as well as physical therapy which allows a better quality of life for both parents and children. Each family has a skilled mental health worker check in on them once a month to coordinate their care needs and make sure everyone is safe, happy, and healthy.


With your tax-exempt gift today, you will receive a .pdf card. You can print (or email) it and give it to a loved one, in whose honor you are purchasing this gift. You can also print out the card and keep it as a thank you from us!


About the photos: Many families have no resources or education about raising their child with special needs, and some begin to think their child would have a better life if they were raised by other people in an orphanage. Our holistic program not only educates and supports, it helps families stay together! Read June's Special Needs program update here.

Special Needs Family Support

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