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Espere counselors provide support to clients who are, often for the first time, exploring their anxieties, life events that impact their emotional wellbeing, and their feelings in general. Through this process the counselors are able to help clients process difficulties and make positive life changes. Our counselors not only invest themselves in their relationship with clients, but risk their personal safety on the precarious travel options available to take them anywhere in the city where they need to meet a client. They invest their personal time and energy in learning more about mental health, and improving their craft. Once or twice, one has passed out at the trauma hospital, or otherwise been personally affected, by the situations they put themselves in, to meet a client. They do all of this before there is any guarantee of compensation. They know their work is meaningful. A donation of just $300 to the Client Counseling program helps compensate staff for their service.


With your tax-exempt gift today, you will receive a .pdf card. You can print (or email) it and give it to a loved one, in whose honor you are purchasing this gift. You can also print out the card and keep it as a thank you from us!


About the photos: Our team knows how to stay positive through many challenging situations. There passion is what keeps Espere going! Read about a recent conversation that showed commitment to the work on our blog. 

Counselor Salary for a Month

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