Espere counselors provide support to clients who are exploring their anxieties, life events that impact their emotional wellbeing, and their feelings in general. The ongoing support through this counseling package gives a client the opportunity to explore their challenges and process their experiences with the guidance of one of our mental health professionals. Read the story of one man, helped by our counselors.


A donation of just $100 to the Client Counseling program helps cover the counseling costs (such as counseling materials, counselor stipend, supervision, and monitoring and evaluation). In the United States, one counseling session alone usually starts at $100! This gift means that a person can truly learn new ways of coping with the trauma, managing destructive feelings, or creating a more positive future for themselves, their families, and their communities.


With your tax-exempt gift today, you will receive a .pdf card. You can print (or email) it and give it to a loved one, in whose honor you are purchasing this gift. You can also print out the card and keep it as a thank you from us!

Individual Counseling Package - 5 sessions