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For many people, healing comes through learning from others experiences and sharing your own lessons you have learned along the way. There is comfort  in knowing you are not alone and you have the support of peers who understand to an extent what you are feeling. With this gift of five sessions, our counselors can provide ongoing support where group members can grow together and find strength and safety in one another.


A donation of $175 to the Group Counseling program helps cover the counseling costs (such as counseling materials, counselor stipend, supervision, and monitoring and evaluation). It means that Espere can provide five one-hour-long, group therapy sessions for people experiencing similar stesses. Your gift may help our counselors facilitate a grief support group for children, a teen empowerment group, a women's abuse survivor group, or a group for parents raising children with special needs. 


With your tax-exempt gift today, you will receive a .pdf card. You can print (or email) it and give it to a loved one, in whose honor you are purchasing this gift. You can also print out the card and keep it as a thank you from us!


About the photo: Our counselors use a variety of techniques, including art, to help even our youngest clients find ways to express themselves. You can read more about some of our group counseling experiences in this interview with one of our rock star counselors, Keny, on our blog. 

Group Counseling Package - 5 sessions

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