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In Haiti mental illness is something not many people know about, and for those who do, it comes wrapped in shame. A donation of just $100 to the Education program helps cover the training costs (such as facilitator stipend, translation, transportation, training materials, and snacks for participants). It means that Espere can host a community education workshop that helps people understand mental health, mental illness, and how our brains work. We teach people how to cope with to their own stress in positive ways, and how to respond helpfully to the mental health needs of others. These workshops can be at schools, churches, orphanages, or businesses. By educating the community on mental health we help begin the de-stigmatization of mental illness.


With your tax-exempt gift today, you will receive a .pdf card. You can print (or email) it and give it to a loved one, in whose honor you are purchasing this gift. You can also print out the card and keep it as a thank you from us!


About the photo: Espere recently lead a training on Child Abuse and Neglect as well as Healthy Child Development for a passionate group nannies at Espwa Berlancia, "fighting malnutriotn in Haiti". We all care about raising up the next generation! Kiki (center, in yellow) is a recent and excellent addition to our team. You can read more about her on our blog!

Community Education Workshop

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